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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

  • Click on MY ACCOUNT.
  • LOG IN or CREATE ACCOUNT. (In order to receive social media and email contest rewards or delivery order credits/adjustments, you must have an account.)
  • Enter your address to find all of your favorite local restaurants available for Delivery.
  • Select the items you want.
  • After ordering all of the items you need click CHECKOUT.
  • Select a payment method (All Major Credit Cards Accepted, Corporate accounts have access to Corporate).
  • Click PLACE ORDER.

Did My Order Go Through?
If you received an email confirmation, we received your order! If not, give us a call and we can help.

What Are Your Hours?  Hours update as of 4/22/22

  • Closed Sundays
  • Open 10am-9pm unless otherwise noted.  We are suffering staff shortages as everyone else is.  Apply here!

Create Your Account VS Guest Ordering

  1. One seamless database of your account information.
  2. Order History access 24/7! Print receipt copies as needed. Drivers do not receive a paper copy for your order. It is all digital in their custom DeliverLogic app on their smart phone.
  3. Duplicate past orders with a few clicks.
  4. Better Zoning. Enter address and zone is prefilled.
  5. Order tracking. Receive text and/or email alerts at every stage of your delivery. Your driver uses a custom DeliverLogic app on their smart phone that allows them to update their status with a tap of the screen.
  6. Reward Points!  Be able to purchase gift certificates not only from WDE but from places like Nike, Amazon, etc.
  7. In order to receive social media and email contest rewards or delivery order credits/adjustments, you must have an account.
  8. In order to redeem/use Coupon Codes, you must have an account.
  9. Opt in via text and/or email promotions. We’re pretty generous with coupon codes.

If a restaurant does not have beverages listed, we have an E-Store at checkout where you can purchase them.  We have tried to add any specialty drinks that restaurants carry.

Forms of Payment:
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover & Cash.  We do not accept personal checks or restaurant gift cards.

If paying with cash, please note that our drivers do not carry more than $10 in change and do not have coins.  We do not accept any bills over a $20, NO MATTER WHAT.  Please pay with exact change or as close as you possibly can.  Thank you! 

Comment/Questions About My Order
Please direct all questions or comments to
WeDeliverEats.com or email info at wedelivereats.com or give us a call. 503-878-5968

Quick Fee Structure:
1. - Subtotal - the cost of the items you want
2. - Tax - we don't have any in Oregon
3. - Regulatory Response Fee - A local regulartion has capped the fees that we may charge the restaurants.  To continue to offer you delivery while ensuring the drivers that we have are active and earning money, there is now a service fee added to your order.
4. - Service Fee - This 10% service fee keeps our lights on and helps us operate this business.  It takes a lot more than you know!
3. - Delivery Fee (70% (and in most cases more) of this goes to the Delivery Waiter to pay for their gas and maintenance on their car, it's comparable to the $12 minimum wage in the are of Oregon that we are in, plus some extra for mileage)  The remainder goes to the owner to pay for bank fees and other things to be able to take your payments.
4. - Tips: 100% goes to the drivers.  They get all that, and if you don't tip them that's ok, but give them what they're worth, they battled traffic and sometimes rude waiters and stood in line so you don't have to.

Delivery Fee
Effective 2/14/18: The standard delivery fee starts at only $1.95. It will increases per mile and depending on your location to the restaurant you choose. This is calculated by Google Maps and GPS. Minimum orders are required depending on your location from some restaurants.

Convenience Fee:  grocery store and conveniece stores have this fee) a 20% convenience fee up to $5.00.  We have added this to orders from mostly chain restaurants (up to $5.00) to be able to pay your delivery waiters for delivering these orders to your door.  It is a convenience to you that we have added these places in addition to the many partnered restaurants we offer.  People requested that we offer these restaurants, and we like to keep our customers happy.  Unfortunately, most of these or corporate run and we are unable to partner with them on a local level.

Tax & Service Fee: We have changed our menus for all restaurants and you will now see a Tax & Fees of 0-20% at checkout rather than a markup on the menu prices.  You'll notice our prices are lower, and as of June 2019 the delivery fees will be lower as well.  We do this to show transparency and be able to compete with the national services.  Most of our "Featured Restaurants" or Partners do not have this fee, or it is at a minimum.  If you've ordered from us, you've already been paying these fees, they were just markups before, these fees keep our lights on and our website up and running, so you can continue to use local!  To compare: UberEats charges 15% on all orders as a Service Fee and still have a markup on their non-partners, PostMates charges both a markup and a pickup fee, DoorDash charges 15% markup on non-partner (mom and pop) restaurants and 15% services fees, AND part of their tips don't go to the drivers, GrubHub also has these same fees. Any questions, ask!  We'll answer.

Out of Delivery Area?
We are continuously expanding our service area. Depending on the order amount, exact location and how much notice we are given, we may be able to serve you. Any deliveries outside of the service area will be handled on a case-by-case basis. We do our best to add your location to our Extended Delivery Zone.

For customer convenience, all orders are suggested at 15% gratuity for your driver. Yes! You are able to increase that. Most people tip between 20-25% on larger orders and 15-20% on small orders. If you feel that the service from the driver was unsatisfactory, please contact us at info@wedelivereats.com or call the help line 503-878-5968 so that we can do our best to address the issue and ensure excellent service on future orders.

Your Delivery Waiter
Your professional and courteous mobile waiters carry thermal insulated delivery bags and boxes in their cars to ensure that your food is delivered hot and fresh each and every time we knock on your door. Our drivers pride themselves on the service that they provide. Drivers use their own vehicles, gas and cell phones. Like a waiter or waitress, they live on the tips they receive from customers. Unlike a waiter or waitress, they are generally only working on one customer’s order at a time so they can usually only complete 1-2 deliveries an hour.

Delivery Time
95% of all deliveries are made in under an hour. Delivery times vary based on traffic, the restaurant's ability to prepare food and weather conditions. We recommend that orders for more than 10 people be placed at least two hours in advance, but if you require a specific lunch time delivery, 24 hour notice is recommended.

Office Lunches and Corporate Accounts
We specialize in group lunch deliveries and drop off catering! Give our local Catering Manager a call for more details regarding keeping your office well fed! You can arrange your delivery days, weeks or even months in advance! We are here to help you save time. Let us do the work for you! WeDeliverEats.com offers preferred customer status to businesses and organizations that are ordering lunch or dinner for groups or individuals. Preferred customers enjoy reduced delivery fees and may be eligible for 30-day term billing. Corporate billing allows your company to cut costs by enhancing expense control and reducing administrative overhead associated with ordering, billing and reimbursement processes. If your business or organization wish to be considered for preferred status and/or for term billing,
please apply now.  

Secure Site
All credit cards are processed securely through BluePay Processing.

Discontinued Restaurant
Restaurants must maintain  >70% prep/ready-time/pick-up rating, >85% accuracy rating and a 100% food quality rating to qualify for WeDeliverEats.com. If the restaurant is unable to maintain these standards, we are unable to offer them as an option for delivery or take-out. Customer service is our priority! This is also why some restaurants do not offer delivery during their normal dine-in hours/days or only offer a limited menu. They are just simply too busy to accomodate any additional orders. Customer service is their priority!

Rewards Program
You are now able to browse the e-Marketplace then use your reward points to purchase WeDeliverEats.com e-Gift Certificates or send them to someone else. Local restaurant e-Gift Certificates to be used while dining-in at the restaurant will be available soon!  You must have an account to be able to use these (see Guest vs Acct login above)

If you're interested in joining our team, emal jobs@wedelivereats.com

Gift Cards
Gift cards are available for purchase online. . Digital Gift
e-Certificates are available. Send and receive electronic gift certificates from anywhere!

Perfect for:

  • New Parents
  • Persons that are Homebound
  • Graduation
  • House Warming
  • Mother's & Father's Day
  • Get Well
  • Hospital/Medical/Surgery recovery
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • House/Dog Sitting gift/Allowance
  • Wedding gift
  • Thank you gift
  • Babysitters
  • Christmas
  • Meal Trains
  • and much more!